Recreational dog boarding

Recreational cat boarding

Recreational boarding for small animals

FLAIR meets the needs of owners and their dogs by providing pet-sitting services on a daily basis or for one or two night stays.

In addition to having stimulating enclosures, FLAIR also created a paradise for cats where everything is all under one place to satisfy their specific needs.

At FLAIR, exotic animals are not left out. We welcome rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, parrots of all sizes and domestic birds.

Flair Boarding

The most complete animal experience there is: care, safety, stimulation, comfort, freedom, love and happiness.



Each pet is different and that’s why they will each have a one-of-a-kind FLAIR experience.


FLAIR provides an environment tailored to each species’ needs. Our boarding allows animals to practice various activities according to their breed’s skills. All animals will have a schedule to abide to and challenges to take on but they will also have a memorable experience. We guarantee that your pet will be eager to come back!


ATTENTION !!! Pendant que Toutou est en vacances, nous nous préocupons de son bonheur et non de ses odeurs ou de l'état de son pelage. Vous pouvez être assuré qu'en jouant 6 heures par jour avec des copains canins, les poils s'entremêlent et prennent des odeurs que nous humains, qualifions souvent de nauséabond. Pour vous éviter ce suplice, vous pouvez demander un toilettage en fin de séjours et si votre chien a un pelage sujet à la formation de noeuds, vous pourrez demander un démêlage quotidien. Informez-vous auprès du personnel pour les tarifs reliés à ces services.


At FLAIR, you will find :


  • Qualified staff members that have diverse training on animal behaviour according to age, sex and breed; Level 1 and 2 first responder training for domestic animals; Training  pertaining to the methods on how to handle species for when providing care; Training on the recognition of calming signals, grooming and multiple training in classic and operant conditioning.


  • Fair and affordable prices for the best care ever.


  • Perfectly clean environment that’s well-ventilated, tastefully decorated and comforting to your favourite companion.


  • Obvious passion for animals



You will be assured of your favourite companion’s well-being and will leave with greater peace of mind.





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